Museum Christmas Roster

2016----2017 28th December --- 27th January
Open 11 am --- 1:00pm
Saturdays 11am---1:00pm
NOT OPEN Saturday 24th Dec., 25th, 26th

Thursday December 28 I. Williams, G. Watson
Friday December 29 I. Williams, M. Fletcher
Saturday December 30 I. Williams, R. Loeckenhoff
Sunday December 31 I. Williams
Monday January 1 I. Williams
Tuesday January 2 I. Williams
Wednesday January 3 S. Gatto, M. Robertson
Thursday January 4 J. Miles, A. Heislers Friday
January 5 L.& B Culph Saturday January 6 J. Bordignon, D. Coulton
Sunday January 7 B & B Robertson,
Monday January 8 S. Gatto, M. Robertson
Tuesday January 9 N. Thorpe, F. Quilford Wednesday
January 10 J. McLean, R. Gilmour
Thursday January 11 F. Quilford, N. Lyons
Friday January 12 F. Quilford, I. Williams
Saturday January 13 D. Sims
(For Show Day see Show Roster below)

I.Williams, F. Quilford, M&B Tyler, R. Gilmour (and others, please!)

Monday January 15 E. Dowson, B. Hallett Tuesday
January 16 L.& B Culph
Wednesday January 17 B&B Robertson
Thursday January 18 J & B Moyle S. Gatto
Friday January 19 J. Miles, A. Heislers
Saturday January 20 R. Loeckenhoff. F. Quilford
Saturday January 27 J. Bordignon, D. Coulton

SHOW ROSTER Saturday 13th January 2018
This year our two sites will be in two separate places
Outside and in the Angling Club Rooms
8 am I. Williams, F. Quilford, A. Heislers, J. Miles
9am—11am J.Miles, I.Williams, R. Loeckenhoff
11am---1pm J&B Moyle, N.Thorpe, J.McLean, L.Landon
1pm—3pm S.Gatto, L. Culph, A. Davis, F. Quilford
3pm – 4pm M&B Tyler, J. Miles, I. Williams
FRIDAY SET-UP-----B&D Leversha, I. Williams F. Quilford
SATURDAY PACK-UP----R. Gilmour, D. Leversha, I.Williams. Jill/Fay/Jim? Any one else who can assist at any time, it would be appreciated!!! NORMAL MUSEUM