January Museum Roster

Wonthaggi and District Historical Society
Museum January Roster  2021
Weekdays 11am – 1pm
Saturday and Sunday 11 am – 2 pm

Sat 2nd J. Bordignon, I. Williams
Sun 3rd F Quilford, I. Williams
Mon 4th I. Williams, M. Fletcher
Tue 5th N. Thorpe, J. Miles
Wed 6th J. Moyle, G. Sullivan
Thurs 7th B. Robertson, D. Coulton
Fri 8th D. Leversha, B. Leversha
Sat 9th J. Quilford, A. Heislers
Sun 10th I. Williams, S. Gatto
Mon 11th J. Quilford, D. Sims
Tue 12th, J.Miles, A. Heislers
Wed13th F Quilford, E. Dowson
Thurs 14th J. Bordignon, R. Gilmour
Fri 15th G. Sullivan, R. Quilford
Sat 16th L.Culph, B. Culph
Sun 17th B. Robertson, D.Coulton Mon
18th S. Gatto, I. Williams
Tue 19th J. Quilford, J. McLean
Wed 20th I. Williams, J. Miles
Thurs 21st l.Landon, N.Thorpe
Fri 22nd D. Leversha, J Bordignon
Sat 23rd R. Quilford, F. Quilford